How to use War Wings?

War wings have been a very popular game in the recent times. It is unlike the ordinary mobile games. This is a very addictive game and needs to have a proper strategy before starting the game. This game deals with the aerial combat which was set in the time of World War 2. The game was launched by the Miniclip. This game is pretty much easier for the beginners, but you have to learn everything in details, so you need to look into every minor trick to become a famous flying ace in this game.

So this guide will help you to shoot down all the enemies at the center, left or right with just some minimum shots.

warwings experience

Some tips on the grips

  • This game is easy when it comes to controlling. There will be the virtual joystick which will help you to fly, and you can use the buttons for boosting or for ammo. There are controls for performing various evasive maneuvers. You can activate them with just a swipe on the screen. Though it may look difficult for many to use during the ongoing battle if you can use it, then it will change the entire gaming scenario. It helps the player to survive.

  • If you can use the evasive maneuver, then it will help you to spin easily to the other side. This will, in turn, shake off all the tracking ability of the enemy for some moment. It is very much helpful when you will be pinned down.

  • If your plane is losing the power suddenly then stalling is not a good plan. It will make you fall from the sky. You can stop it by avoiding the frequent use of boost button. Holding the boost button will overheat your engine. So you have to ease it out. Easing will make you gain some more speed, and you won’t lose anything.

Guide on the camera angles

  • When you pursue your enemy, you just have to line up and then approach towards them. You will also get some streamlined options. Tapping on your enemy will help you to track them and will ensure that you’re going to get a better view. If you can lock on when it makes it easier. But switching the targets will be quite trickier.

  • If you intend to focus on a particular enemy, then you need to turn the padlock switch. It will help you to find the relation between the location of you and your enemy. The jager will help you to track your enemies automatically. But you need to decide which switch will be beneficial during which turn. You can also master one move for doing it easily, and one move can also help you to defeat your enemies. So always aim manually and enjoy all the flexibility which it will provide.

Some general tips:

  • You should always aim at sticking together. The more the number it will help you to get more security. If you can fire at a particular plane together, then it will easily cause damage. So isolating is not a good option in this game. You can sometimes use the rudimentary messages which are automated but do not rely on them completely for communicating. It is difficult to reach the button when you are fighting for survival. So it is better to follow the instincts by staying close.

  • It is a good idea to join any squadron. This will make the entire game equivalent to the guild and will help you to get a group with whom you can stick. It will also help you to get bonuses.

  • Always perform in the mission which is available so that you can get the achievements. It will help you to earn a lot of money.

  • Upgrades will come daily so keep checking. Instead of focusing on the minor upgrades it is better if you can focus on building better plane by using the research points. If you can log into your account every day, then you will get freebies.

How to get free gold in this game

Every game has its currency. In this game gold is the primary one. If you are playing the game for free, then it will be quite difficult for you to get these free coins but there are some easy ways for getting it. Getting the gold will help you to get the premium planes with that cost.

  • Facebook: Linking the account with the Facebook will help you to get near about 100 gold coins and a blueprint. But you can only do it for one time. It won’t take a lot of time to do it quickly.

  • Friendship: When you will add your friends in the friend list you will get 50 gold coins with the blueprint. This is also an easy process.

  • Like: If you can like the game or the event then it will you to get 100 coins. Liking the fan page will also help you to get more coins.

Disable some parts of the plane

During some time you will find it hard to defeat your enemy. So during this time, you can disable some parts of the plane. This will depend on the area of damage. There will be some time where you will need to defeat the enemy properly so get rid of some parts which will make the plane handy for you to cripple your enemy. If you have accidentally hit the cockpit, then you can give the pilot the first aid if he is not dead. If you can hit the wings of the plane, then it will show bleed status. So have fire extinguishers. If you can learn the skills properly, then it will help you to aim at the specific targets.

Keep these points in mind to play properly. You don’t need to master all the tactics. But make sure you have a better plan before starting otherwise you will lose the game in the early stages. You can follow many guides, tricks, and strategies online. To speed up everything you can use the tools or generators. But do not provide any personal details on that website.