About War Wings

About War Wings

War Wings is a new game that has been launched in the market and is gaining huge popularity. Here you will have to learn all the skillful practices for performing in the PVP combat. It might look tough for you, but this guide is going to simplify everything for the beginners.

War Wings is a fun game which deals with aerial PvE and PVP. You can play this game on both Android and iOS devices. The scheme was launched by the Miniclip. It is one of the rarest mobile games where you will need to have high skills for playing battles between players vs. player. If you want, then you can also perform in the four versus four pretty awesome battles. You will be ranked according to the PVP globally which will motivate you to perform well in the combats.

about war wings

This game deals with combat and the inter strategy rely on the mystery of the controls in the on-screen. You need to have a very good understanding of the ways that will help you to win this game. There are different types of tracking mode in this game. You should have a proper strategy like an airfield where you will have to strike the opponent so that you can easily push them from the tail during any danger. So this guide will help you to understand each feature of this game distinctly.

Tips on the tracking mode

In this game, there are three types of ways that will help you to track the opponents in the sky. These are the Padlock, God view, and Jager.

  • Padlock: This type of view mode will help you to keep your focus on the target. It will help you to track and determine where the ship of your enemy is in comparison to your distance. It is by far the most valuable tracking way so master this one properly.

  • God view: God views you will help you to have the perspective from the top down. It will help you to get the bird’s eye’s vision which is very much classic. It will help you to see all the enemies on the radar, and then you can easily select them with a tap.

  • Jager: Jager is mostly used as they are very much efficient. If you activate the jager button, then it can easily turn the angle of your camera and will provide you the view of locked-on of your ship. If you don’t select any ship, then the jager won’t show anything.

Value of every shot

  • At the beginning of the game when you will start firing at your opponent, your game will automatically initiate the jager mode. There will come an orange box which will be visible on your target, and this is known as a lead box. So instead of firing directly, you can also attack the ship. All you have to do is fire by aiming at the orange box, and this will automatically compensate the speed and direction of your target.

  • If you can use the joystick when you are locking your target, then it will help you to fire by aiming at a position which you desire properly. If you can damage different ship parts, then it will help you to gain the different type of status effect.

Things to keep in mind while attacking the enemy ships

  • Cockpit: If you are planning to hit the cockpit then it will inflict some bleeding of your enemy, but for escaping this you will need to have the first aid. So if you don’t want your ship to be destroyed then always focus on this crucial point.

  • Body and wings: If a player wants to damage any particular area of a ship then he needs to know that it will also inflict some bleeding on that ship. Ships which are having body and wings fired will catch more fire and will end up getting deteriorate with time.

  • Fuselage: If you can hit the tale of any ship then it will make a huge leakage. So this will eventually exploit the ship of your enemy as it will suffer from lower turning, boosting, or braking power. In this way, they will become completely fragile.

Dropping the bomb

  • If you’re thinking that dropping the bomb is very much easy in this game just like flying to that place and then releasing it, then you are wrong. When you attack the people who are on the ground troops, then you have to take a high leap in the air, and from there you have to dive. You have to be very much firm when it comes to targeting and always consider using the circle indicator. The indicator will help you to know when the right time to drop the bomb is. When you will notice that the indicators have become white just released that bomb in there.

  • Do not use this bomb improperly as it will be quite costly which you won’t be able to afford every time. So always focus on the indicator so that your target doesn’t lose.

Points on special Maneuvers

  • If you want to perform the aileron roll, then all you have to do is use the swipe button to the right or left. This is the basic type of evasive maneuver. When you line the missiles and the bombs, then this roll is very mandatory. But if you are thinking of controlling the fire made by the machine gun then by using the aileron roll, it will be a difficult move.

  • If you are thinking of performing the somersault, then you have to swipe up. This will help you to immediately face the other side of the direction which you are facing now. So you can easily avoid the wide turn by using this move as this is very much faster when it comes to going in opposite direction.

These few tips will help you to survive in this game for a long time. You can also look into the guides or tutorial for more clarity.